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2017 moved us to Texas!

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A.D. May 2017

Once again, this does not get updated anywhere near as much as it should so I will get everything caught up and a few things have happened.

After almost five years of development and production, our new project has finally come to life, "Who is Darius Key?" Darius Key is a demon hunter with a shameful past who has been handling his tasks for an interminable time. He blurs the lines between a historical figure, a spiritual master, a paranormal adventurer...
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Project up and coming.

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A.D. June 2016

OK, well, the State of Black Science Fiction Convention, http://www.sobsfcon.com, is over and I must say that I had a really good time there. Being held from June 11-12, (The 11th being my birthday) I was asked to serve on two panels, “The pitfalls of Self Publishing” and “Mass Marketing Black Science fiction”. While I did speak on my experiences and observations of doing what I do, I would say that I certainly gained more wisdom than I taught....
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A.D. April 2015

My UTMOST apologies for such a long stretch between updates. How long has it been since this page has been updated? WAAAAAAAY TOO LONG! For those who have been keeping up with us, you already know that while the website has been dormant, Jericho Projects has not been! Our Facebook page has been quite active and has garnered over 360 likes. We’ve hit Onyxcon 6 last year (missed 5), hit the first ever Read more
A.D. August 2012

I would like to start this off with a tip of my hat to all the incredible folks that I encountered at Onyxcon 4 in Atlanta this past Saturday, the 18th. There are so many fun and unique people there, some from the previous show and some for the first time. I look forward to meeting up with everyone again next year, Jah willing, and have another grand ol' time! Normally, I fill in this blog with an update on past shows and where...
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Back at it again…;)

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A.D. May 2012

Yes, we are back with a whole new look! As you can see, the site has undergone a complete overhaul with the look and features, now! I’m excited about it as it’s been something that will allow me to have quicker updates and better control with content. We also have a new Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jerichoprojects and a twitter account at @jerichoprojects. (I recommend joining the facebook fan page and not so much the twitter account as it  is...
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