2017 moved us to Texas!

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A.D. May 2017

Once again, this does not get updated anywhere near as much as it should so I will get everything caught up and a few things have happened.

After almost five years of development and production, our new project has finally come to life, “Who is Darius Key?” Darius Key is a demon hunter with a shameful past who has been handling his tasks for an interminable time. He blurs the lines between a historical figure, a spiritual master, a paranormal adventurer and an arrogant jerk. The time has come for Darius to pass his mantle to a new protege, Maxwell Lightfoot. Will Darius’ student be able to handle it or will Darius’ obnoxious attitude bring everything to a deadly halt?

“Who is Darius Key?” is done in an innovative 52 page photo novel format featuring actors, Wanda, from the truTV reality show “South Beach Tow”, as Freda Eves and nationally known heavy metal musician, Spidy Womack, who will be featured in the film “Pitch Perfect 3”, plays Maxwell Lightfoot. Get your copy here.

Darius Key cover

On May 12th, I will be doing an interview for Genesis Science fiction radio show! The podcast will be on http://www.genesissciencefictionradioshow.com under podcasts for 5-12-2017.

We have also left the Peach state of Georgia and are residing in the Lone Star state of Texas! Texas life is still new to us but we are adjusting. We can certainly get used to the no state income tax rule. 😉

For now, that’s all I can speak on and as always, there’s something new on the horizon. 😉

May Jah bless you all.

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