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A.D. May 2012

Yes, we are back with a whole new look! As you can see, the site has undergone a complete overhaul with the look and features, now! I’m excited about it as it’s been something that will allow me to have quicker updates and better control with content. We also have a new Facebook page at and a twitter account at @jerichoprojects. (I recommend joining the facebook fan page and not so much the twitter account as it  is blank as of this writing;). In addition, we’ve also done a few shows since the last update as well and somewhere in the mix managed to crank out the third issue of Ms. Johnni! Yep, just one more book to go to complete this story arc and Johnni’s quest will come to a close. I’m looking forward to making this final book as many of you are as well and have been letting me know!

So, what comes next? Like any other writer, I also have other ideas always going through my head and some are written out in preliminary stages. I am interested in getting into subject matter a bit more ‘comic booky’ if you will. That is, I would like to explore material more on the experimental side and some in line with traditional super heroes. Will they ever see the light of day? I’m doing my best to make that happen as we are currently in production on a project that is really different from what we have been doing.

So, anyway, take a look around and I hope that you enjoy what you see!


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