Happenings in 2018!

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A.D. May 2018

It’s been awhile and as always, there’s been quite a bit going on!

We have finally started working on our first official full length graphic novel, Appalachian Assassin. This ambitious book will be 100 pages and I’m working with a new artist, Carl Embalzado. I’m also working with an editor for the first time, Chuck Pineau. This will be the first time that I have ever worked with an editor and It’s long over due. I’m also getting a chance to work again with my long time friend, colorist and graphic designer, Sherrie Hunt. Currently, 14 pages are done and 10 of them are inked and colored. Furthermore, I worked with some live action models from San Antonio for the Appalachian Assassin cover, fitness model Taylor Ladika and musical artist Indigo Jones.

This is the culmination of five years of re doing of a script of an older character named Surinder English. This particular project took so long due to the amount of research and more importantly understanding the philosophy behind this main character. It is also the first book of ours that carries a warning that it contains mature themes. Nothing pornographic or horror oriented but some of the content is not meant for a younger audience.

We have finally booked our first show here in Texas and will be at Countdown City here in San Antonio June 30 – July 1st, 2018. I am looking forward to finally meeting some of the fans face to face! More info can be found here!

And as always, I have other things on the go with other parties that I will wait to see if they pan out before they get mentioned. 😉

P.S. If you’re on Instagram, please follow us at instagram.com/jerichoprojects. 😉

May Jah bless you all.

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