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A.D. June 2019

I do not update the blogs enough, I will admit. But as always, we are never at a loss for activities.

Our graphic novel, Appalachian Assassin, has progressed quite a bit over the past year! We are approaching having 88 pages written, inked and lettered. We also brought on a talented digital artist named Summer Dale who did an alternate cover for the book that is astonishing! The whole project is growing and evolving better than I could have imagined.

Last year, we did Countdown City Comic Con which allowed me to connect with some local fans and talent for the first time here in San Antonio. We also did National Black Book Festival in Houston last October which was so much fun and afforded me the opportunity to mingle with so many book lovers. It still gives me a kick to see people shocked (and delighted) to see a black female superhero that doesn’t have white hair and white eyes.

On the horizon this August is Bell County Comic Con in Belton, Texas. I’ve heard so many good things about this event and I look forward to taking Jericho Projects up there. Just looking at the layout, it’s nothing like anything that I’ve attended, so it should be quite an adventure!

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May Jah bless you all.

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