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A.D. May 2021

Yet, another long overdue update, par for the course. 😉

Our graphic novel, Appalachian Assassin, has picked up a major Publisher/distributor!

Markosia Publishing, based in the United Kingdom, has agreed to publish our book and will be distributing it as well! Markosia has the license for many well known properties such as Kong, Starship Troopers, Young Sherlock Holmes and A Clockwork Orange and now us. The official release date was June 8, 2020!

http://instagram.com/joegrafixhttp://instagram.com/joegrafixinstagram.com/bjehs_As we were finishing up with Appalachian Assassin, we started on the follow up of (Who is) Darius Key? This is my second photoshoot here in Texas and I have got to work with model and YouTube personality, Sofhia Flores, Sofia’s friend, Michelle Garcia, model/activist, Erick Fierro and fantasy cosplayer/model Nicole Damon. This photoshoot also afforded me the opportunity to work with Taylor Ladika again (who will also be featured in Appalachian Assassin). I am looking to move in a different direction this time with the follow up, titled Dekadence and Avörya, in terms of tone and the overall aesthetic of the book. The book also has an incredible staff of Editor Kasey Pierce, Photo Manipulator, Bijaya Shrestha and Cover Artist, Joe Mondin. We finished shooting production right before quarantine in March 2020 and release date will be in Winter 2021.

Including a cast photo.

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