Alive and Kicking with a purpose!

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A.D. April 2015

My UTMOST apologies for such a long stretch between updates. How long has it been since this page has been updated? WAAAAAAAY TOO LONG!

For those who have been keeping up with us, you already know that while the website has been dormant, Jericho Projects has not been! Our Facebook page has been quite active and has garnered over 360 likes. We’ve hit Onyxcon 6 last year (missed 5), hit the first ever Myrtle Beach Comic Con last month and a couple of other things that I’m going to mention.

The mystery project mentioned back in August 2012 was completed the following year. The One Shot title, Avörya, is a story about a woman who dies and comes back to life as an angel. This book, however, is done in a photonovel style. For those who don’t know, photonovels were popular back in the 70’s and I decided to add my own twist to this technique where the entire book (except for the cover) is done in digital photography. It presented quite an interesting set of challenges or as we would say in corporate America, it presented ‘learning opportunities’. 😉

Ms. Johnni issue 4 has also been completed as of last year. This book wrapped up the story arc started back in 2008 and what a ride it’s been. I am quite pleased with the fact that this independent book started from nothing and has brought some enjoyment to people’s lives. I’m really driven to build on this and show other narratives of characters that are a part of this Jericho Projects universe. There are PLENTY of other stories and characters that I want y’all to see!

Jericho Projects also made our very first appearance in a major publication! An initiative started back in May 2011 to benefit victims of the Japanese tsunami disaster earlier that year finally saw the light of day in January of this year. The book, Japan Needs Heroes, is now available on Red Giant Entertainment’s page for just $10. Our contribution was a four page short starring Ms. Johnni. Many well known comic book professionals were involved in this project, including Stan Lee himself! Please get your copy and contribute to a worthy cause!

What are our immediate plans for the future? Well, there tends to be quite a few children that we encounter and I’m leaning toward a project, probably a book similar to a photonovel, aimed specifically at the younger crowd. I have a basic story idea, just have to work out the details.

For the grown folks, I pitched an idea to my now wife, Stacy, a couple of years ago while sitting in the kitchen. It deals with a male character that was known for being inherently evil. He’s intelligent, arrogant, doesn’t listen well or work well with people. Despite this, he wants to change his ways but has a difficult time with it. She stated that the character sounded a lot like me. Everybody’s got jokes.

So, that’s what’s happening at the house of JP. I will do my best to keep this blog updated more frequently. Please support us so we can continue to give you our stories that are Unhinged, Untapped and Untold.

May Jah Bless you all.


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